Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Don't stand in your own way.

As a reader of this blog, I guess you are also a blogger. Some readers are mere visitors attracted by the title. Whatever may be your status, right now you may have several desires and goals.

For example, as a blogger, you may want more visitors to your blog thereby increasing the chances of more sales for your affiliate program. You strike upon a brilliant idea of increasing your blog traffic. You know it will work and it is unique.

But you have so far not taken any action to implement it for reasons as follows:
* You are unsure of your perseverance
* You are afraid it may not work
* You have gathered opinions that indicated it is not feasible
* You anticipate criticism
* You pondered over your past negative experience

Whatever may be your reason, the end result is you have not taken any positive steps to pursue your goal.

Now, tell me, who stood in your way?

The universe said yes because that constructive idea was implanted on your mind by the universe only.

But you wrote your own death sentence for your desire.

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