Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Carry an umbrella.

Kerala in India is said to be like London. The rain may greet you anytime and particularly it doesn’t like you when you step out. Like British people, Keralites always carry an umbrella with then them

But, I did not mean that umbrella in the subject line but only said it symbolically. An umbrella covers you from rain, wind and sun. In short you can shield yourself with it from the vagaries of weather.

Like that, a Trip Protection is a travel insurance policy that protects you from financial loss due to unforeseen conditions while traveling, either within one's own country, or internationally.

Travel insurance can usually be arranged at the time of booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip or a more extensive, continuous insurance can be purchased from most travel agents, travel insurance companies or directly from travel suppliers such as tour operators.

Apart the most common risks that are covered by travel insurance there are new coverages offered in these days. For example delayed baggage, overseas funeral expenses, travel delays due to hurricanes are a few that are noteworthy risks against which we are covered.

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