Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yes, I am back.

But this interlude will continue because of survival. I get to write sponsored posts from a few Internet marketing companies. Sometimes I will review a blog that is related to the title of this blog.

In between, I will share what I read, hear and do.

I used to read the teachings of 'The Mother'. She wrote with great wisdom driven by spiritual power.
" Thoughts are forms and have an individual life, independent of the author. Once sent out, they move towards their realization".

Understand the enormity of this. Once sent out, it is not possible to bring them back. So everyone of us have a big responsibility to shape this world as we visualize. It is possible for us to pollute the universal consciousness with positive and constructive thoughts.

Once the collective consciousness is saturated with positive thoughts, then world will become a land of immense bliss and peace.
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