Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is my second appointment with Ms.Laurie Brenner.

Yesterday, I emailed her that I made a mention of her website in my blog post. I do this whenever I make a mention of a website that I find useful. Mostly, the concerned webmasters will not acknowledge due to their busy schedule.

But I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from Laurie. It is very sweet of her.

I promised myself to read her articles leisurely. I just completed reading her well written article on 'How to be wealthy'

After reading a few lines, I encountered the word 'Quantum Physics' which is the most favorite subject. I read the article in full and I agree that affirmations about money alone will not make one wealthy. It is the consciousness of wealth alone yields the desired results.

But I feel I have not understood the example laid out by Laurie on how the belief system will help in changing the consciousness.

I quote her.
"Look at your financial situation today. Look at your core beliefs about Wealth and You, and see if your life isn't a PERFECT reflection of your beliefs".

I need to dwell on these lines a little more to understand the meaning of it.

Do visit her folks. Her website is very valuable for all of us who yearns for a peaceful world.
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