Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thought theives?

I would say the expression is rather mild.

I know I had destructed, destroyed myself by my own thoughts in the past. I have been very cruel to myself and so to the world. Absolute ignorance and nothing but pure, unadulterated ignorance was the sole cause.

At present I am reading Laurie Brenner's Law of Attraction Masters in another window where I caught the expression,'Thought Thieves'.

You see a room that is pitch dark. How will you remove the darkness? Just by bringing light in to the room, the darkness melts away.

These sentences from Wayne Dyer hit me hard and square and I immediately realized how to heal myself by removing self destructive thoughts. I only need to replace my negative thoughts with constructive and positive thinking. By repeatedly doing this consciously, this form of benevolent thinking becomes an habit.

Wait, I have so much to tell you but before that let me complete a sponsored post. (hey, I have to survive-right?) Smile.
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