Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The ripple effect.

I know I have so much to write on using spiritual energy. My mind is loaded with matters but somehow the spirit is not goading me with intensity.(smile)

"To put the blame on others is human"- am I?

Actually I am not a sound sleeper. I allow so many inner dialogues about what I want to share in this blog. And I promptly forget to execute-more human?(smile).

OK, coming to ripple effect: A stone thrown at a pond creates waves that keep expanding and touches the shore from where the stone was hurled.

In the same manner, whatever we focus on, whatever we do, creates a ripple in the invisible universal energy field, expands and gets back to us multi fold.

Do you realise the philosophy behind it? It is conscious awakening.

For example, we all tend to keep our focus on something that is not happening as per expectations rather expecting to happen. Since we focus on the lack, we experience more of it by the universal law of ripple effect.

May I presume that you have realized the full impact of it. Now start changing your focus on what you want and life will become very interesting.

Try it and you will see the result in exactly 24 hours, probably sooner. I am a living example friend so these are not just empty words.
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