Sunday, May 06, 2007

Summer time owes!

We, the citizens of Madras detest summer like no other in the world. Our miseries are endless from April to September.

This is a water starved metropolitan city and we are forced to suffer more during these hot six months. Wells and lakes dry up just after a month in to the summer.

If only, we have such water savings devices that are sold by, we need not suffer so badly.

Please take a look at one of their power shower nozzle below.

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With such needle thin sprays, we will definitely consume less water than the ones we use which can be compared with water outlets that farmers use as a means of flood irrigation.

With their myriad range of bathroom accessories that include designer taps, minimalist taps, kitchen sinks that are designed to save water and electricity, they can set up shops in Madras and can become an instant hit among citizen of Madras.

The price of all their products includes delivery at your doorsteps.

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