Monday, April 16, 2007

The secret to Lucid Dreaming.

Yes, as they said, I tried but I failed. I tried again and still no result.

But I wanted to succeed somehow in Lucid Dreaming. I inquired, I asked around and I searched and at last found one resource that promised its possibility; that too in just seven nights.

Tonight is going to be my first night(smile) with the lucid dreaming kit.

It promised that I can chat with Einstein, eliminate all my fears, can remember all my dreams. Really?

I know that whatever we dream, lives on a different higher plane and is as real as our waking life. It exists on it own and continue on in the Universe. With Lucid dreaming, the possibilities are endless and there are several case histories to prove that.

I bought this because after all it is a Bradley Thompson product and I trust that man.
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