Saturday, April 07, 2007

My dream Waterfront Condo.

Water has got a special attracting power-is it not?

Well, it is for me always. My heart jumps a few beats whenever I see a water front passing by while I take out a relaxing ride, away from the hot city life.

My cherished dream of living the rest of my life in a waterfront house is yet to be fulfilled. I love writing about houses that face a sprawling lake or a noisy ocean.

For the sake of like minded persons, here I am writing about Boston Condos of I understand that Boston’s waterfront condos are one of the most sought after residences in the New England area.

Apart being a tourist attraction, the locality is studded with restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels.

With, searching for a condominium is fast easy with great search features. One can search by locality and price.

Since this site also encourages realtors to submit their properties for sale, a quick match can be made between the buyer and the seller thereby eliminating the high broker fees. also recently launched a program called “Building Specialists”. A building specialist is a real estate agent who specializes in a particular condo building. Generally this is used for luxury high rise condos. Agents must meet certain requirements to be a Boston building specialist.

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