Friday, March 09, 2007

Site Sift Directory script.

For my web directory I used phpld script but that does not stop me from writing about Site Sift directory script.

I remember its owner(I forgot his name) using my blogging services long back and paid me well. I think I got about 9 assignments from him. A through gentleman.

Site Sift script has many features that webmasters want including creation of static pages. Site Sift Listings can be customized to create the look and feel you want from a directory. Many of the functions are easily turned ON & OFF with the push of a button from the admin section. The Directory script is completely SEO friendly.

Site Sift Listings is offered in two versions:

1) Site Sift Listings - copyright link must stay at the bottom of every page.

2) Site Sift Listings Remove Copyright - for $59.95 the copyright links will be removed

The better user experience and easy installation Site Sift Listings have provided a installation guide that can help you to install your directory carefully.

The latest version of Site Sift Listings is V1.20 which comes with a loads of features, making itself stand out from the rest of the scripts available in the market!

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