Friday, March 09, 2007

Self Hypnotherapy CDs.

Wait! There is nothing black magic or occult about hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which lies between awake and asleep. It is generally brought about in an individual by the use of a combination of concentration, relaxation, suggestion, and expectation.

The "father of hypnosis", James Braid, coined the term hypnosis after the Greek word hypnos, meaning "sleep". Hypnos was known as the god of sleep in Greek Mythology. The word therapy is derived from the Latin word therapeau, meaning "God's work". Therefore, we could technically define the word hypnotherapy as "God's work through a sleep-like state" if we were to take historical derivatives into consideration.

Well said Lisa Gawlas!

In hypnotic state, the subconscious mind is amenable to suggestions and thereby we can bring about a positive change in our life. The subconscious takes everything literally and personally. Everything we are exposed to becomes a unconscious experience, at least temporarily until we give it something else to concentrate on. (It is at this level of the mind where suggestion therapy works from, such as weight loss, stop smoking, etc.)

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