Friday, March 09, 2007

Say out aloud one word. STOP.

"STOP". I say this aloud to myself whenever I notice my thoughts drifting towards negativity.

Since learning about the power of thoughts and how it can be fine tuned to get what I want in my life, I have been noticing my thoughts without first judging it. Then after a week, I say this word, 'STOP" whenever they are not in alignment with the laws of Universe which is always lifeward.

I have noticed substantial improvement in my thoughts but I confess there is still more room for improvement.

I stumbled on to a blog by Mr.Richard Butler.
In this he is writing about the traffic light system of noticing what is going on around us. I felt he and I are both talking about the same method.

It is my intention look for like minded persons to share what I learned and also to gather what they offer in the same field.
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