Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dream homes for luxury lovers.

How about owning your house overlooking this spectacular scene?

It is a beach front in Hawaii that I found in the world leading online luxury homes magazine that has every luxury home for sale at the world’s most coveted locales such as Hawaii that every other American dreams constantly to settle down.

Given the option, I would settle for California because I have heard so much about it from my sister who lives in San Jose. But my roots are firmly planted here.

Dream homes magazine is the leading resource worldwide for million dollar luxury homes. From stone castles in the US and Europe to modern condos in Hawaii, wealthy people can find the luxury home with all the amenities they seek via the real estate listings at dream homes magazine.

I tested the ‘Search’ function by choosing California first. The page next showed more than 2000 listings and hence asked me to refine my search by regions and I promptly selected Riverside.

With 51 listings, I was asked to refine my search further by City, Property Type, and Price Range. So far so good. And there stared at me two gorgeous looking houses by water side.

I have written this only to show you as an example of what their search engine offers you.

The luxury homes are located in more exotic places like Greece and Mexico where exceptional living standard is witnessed.

In their website, the City Pages contain easy-to-use searches for the most professional and active real estate agents and real estate offices. Each city displays Price Point homes to give you an idea of what type of luxury homes is available at various prices.

Being served by Dream Agents that are specially trained and the best in the trade, itself is a pleasant experience.

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