Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Gemini from Melbourne.

I am a Gemini and so are my husband and my son too.

It so happened that several of my friends across the globe are Gemini. We used to exchange emails, blog posts and rarely digital greetings.

One of my online acquaintances is a Health & Beauty Advisor living in Melbourne. We exchange personal emails mostly on women’s issue but some times on world trivia.

She has a blog ‘sweetpeamy’ on blogger and to be frank, I rarely peep in and if at all I do, only to look at Aidan.

Last week I enquired about her uncle who undertook dental treatment from charles brown dds pc at the Hayfield Dental Care. She assured me he is just now biting into a big Washington apple which explained everything.

Charles Brown DDS has a perfect record at the Virginia Board of Dentistry with a history of zero complaints and has been with Hayfield Dental Care for over ten years.

Charles Brown DDS is listed as one of the regions top dentists by the Washington Area Consumer Council and is a member of the ADA.

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