Thursday, January 04, 2007

Your prosperity vibration.

Vibration-it is a captivating subject and also very spiritual.

Understanding various kinds of vibration and its positive effect on human lives is an important study one should undertake to enhance their life.

Here is some thought provoking email I received from Christopher Westra:

"As you shift into a vibration of prosperity consciousness, you will
create and attract new avenues and opportunities for more money
to come into your life. Money is a resource that God has given us
to bless our lives--not to interfere with our daily happiness. If you
are creating your experience with money as a negative distraction,
choose to clean it up".

"Create money to be like your experience with air: something you
know there is plenty of for you and everyone else. Money, like air,
is a resource to assist you in creating and sustaining a life of joy
and happiness.

You never worry about air, you just trust and let it
be there for you. Stop worrying about money and start trusting that
you will be provided for and trust that you will make choices and
manage it in a way that blesses your life."

What a wonderful concept! A remarkable way to make us understand the law of nature.
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