Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why I failed to win a HP camera?

Before I could share my sorrow about not able to win a HP digital camera, I heartily congratulate the winners so far (3 winners). The contest was thrown by the HP for the bloggers and the bloggers should write a blog post that explaining why you want a new HP digital camera and photo printer.

I am one of the proud bloggers of pay per post and I missed an opportunity to win a new HP digital camera just because of I was not updating myself with the latest news of pay per post that is published in their blogs.

Pay per post’s blog is the usual place for their registered bloggers to read about what is going with pay per post.

One can read about the “Funding Issues for Advertisers” and the “Acquisition of Performancing” in detail and also as and when as it happened.

I have bookmarked their blog for a leisurely reading of the archives.

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