Saturday, November 11, 2006

A myth shattered by USWeb.

For every new entrant to the internet, link building and page rank development is the biggest challenge.

They get bogged down by the big terms like Google algorithm, link baiting, link hunting, title tag, meta tag, SEO and Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI).

Since every body went through this confusing phase, you must take them in your stride and try to help out if possible.

You need not spend a lot of time and energy to educate people.
Just direct them to a blog post on 'increase link popularity' by USWeb and leave them to come to terms with in a short period.

Why I am saying this confidently is the fact that I know USWeb and they what they are talking about.

After all they are the top most internet marketing firm today.

I give below only point they say to achieve link popularity.

You need links from hundreds or even thousands of Blogs with the same concept and then you will see significant improvements in your rankings.

This works for any keyword phrase you might be targeting but the more popular the phrase is the more links from different Blogs you will need.
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