Sunday, November 12, 2006

Human rights lawyer assassinated.

Nadarajah Raviraj, a human rights lawyer and legislator from the Tamil National Alliance, is assassinated in Colombo as violence escalates in Sri Lanka.

It seems there is no end to such killings in SriLanka, for that matter everywhere in the world.

Spiritually speaking, what the perpetrators of violence do not realize is they are only destroying a body of a man. They are not actually killing the mind of the man/women whose thoughts and actions they hate.

If Mr.Raviraj has promulgated a few legislations to protect human rights but which his enemies view it that said laws are detrimental to their freedom, then they have to fight the law only to get their grievance redressed.

They don’t realize that the mind of the legislator cannot be killed and that mind will take another human body and continue to execute what his duties are.

Iraqis can hang only the body of Saddam Hussein but his mind which is said to have been the cause of sufferings of millions of his citizens.
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