Saturday, September 23, 2006

What is annoying me in myspace.

I think I am not the only person to receive troublesome invitations for chatting in the name of friendship. With over 100 million accounts, I can guess roughly 50% will be females.

I agree not everybody that view my profile will be like this but I thought, interested persons first have to send out a request to be added as a friend-right?

I suppose I should not complain at all considering the number of myspace members and this is part of the game.

I do come across a few extremely sweet persons like Neil Crespi MySpace. Sometimes I can feel the genuineness in the words with which they express themselves. I used to feel the benevolent vibrations occasionally.

As a member of several webmaster forums, I met a few members of myspace and we have shared our laughs and grief.

When compared to blogger, I still feel a kind of rejected person by myspace members. May be I have not yet taken active participation in myspace.

Coming back to Neil Crespi, I too always stand for what I believe in and don’t get distracted by what others think. I don’t get hurt easily. I am an assertive person.

Do you know that you can now upload videos in myspace? This option is now available mate.

I read this somewhere in the cyberspace. “If you don’t get in myspace, you must be the introvert of this century”.
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