Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Surrender does not mean giving up.

“Surrender does not transform what is, it transforms you”-‘Eckhart Tolle’

From ancient times to modern era, every religion that was founded on certain spiritual principles emphasized the importance of surrender.

Everyone when they were younger (including me), ridiculed this preaching.
“Surrender? Do you mean I should be a coward?” was our reaction to the word surrender.

Can’t blame anyone for this ignorant outburst.

What I learnt in my matured age is ‘to surrender’ is ‘to offer’. Whenever a thought or a desire pops out of my mind, I was taught to offer it to God. This will relieve me immediately from keep thinking about ways to manifest it into reality as quickly as possible.

And when that doesn’t happen, we start our thinking process again. Try out a different planning to achieve our goal. Again it does not work out.

This results in frustration and depression which consequently leads to health problems.

On the other hand, when you surrender your desire or goal to the Universal intelligence, you can be assured of its power to guide you in the proper direction to reach your destination.

Have faith in the Universal power. It will conspire for you. It is for you. After all, you are a part of it, an extension of it.

Never doubt this: ‘You are made to prosper.’

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