Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Character assassination- who is responsible?

I will solve your identity confusion at the end of this post but before that let me introduce to you my sponsor hair transplants New Jersey, and Dr. Gregory Pistone, New Jersey hair transplant surgeon.

I think I hear your thoughts on hair transplant, ‘Don’t all hair transplants look like the same?”
Not those done by New Jersey hair transplant surgeon Dr. Gregory Pistone.

Because today’s hair transplant surgery doesn’t in any way resemble the old hair transplants. Modern techniques like Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation use a much smaller section of donor hair, that allow the hair transplant doctor to easily manipulate the follicle and avoid problems like hairs growing in the wrong direction. This technology was introduced in Japan in 1930.

Hair loss medications are not in vogue anymore. People realize that hair transplant surgery is the only permanent solution to bald head.

When a patient approaches the doctor for an initial consultation, the surgeon analyzes the patient's scalp, discusses his preferences and expectations, and advises him/her on the best approach and what results might reasonably be expected.

The patient is advised not to use any medicines several days prior to surgery.

Transplant operations are performed on an outpatient basis, with mild sedation (optional) and injected topical anesthesia, and typically last about four hours. The scalp is shampooed and then treated with an antibacterial chemical prior to the donor scalp being harvested.

The finest surgeons like Dr. Gregory Pistone can place more than 50 grafts per square centimeter in order to get a good density and appearance.
Courtesy: wikipedia

Too much of medical stuff. Ok, I will stop here and proceed to explain about the title of this blog post.

How many times we have said or heard it said, ‘Nobody understands my character’-right?

This means we are sure of some of our traits and we are certain we will behave in a certain way in a given circumstance-right?

I am asking you now, think honestly and answer, ‘Are you sure? Did you act exactly the same when faced with a particular situation?’

Definitely not. Your reactions varied depending on your mood.

When you are in a happy state of mind, your heart is filled with happiness and you tend to show your good face.

But when you are in a sullen mood, you may even reject a good deed done to you.

So why not fill up your mind and heart with happy and benevolent emotions always?

Your nature is spirit like (God Like); you were born with Godly qualities only. But as you grow, you pick up hatred, jealous and vengeful qualities and assume a totally different character and believe that is who you are.

If you shed this ego identity, you will fully realize who you are; the world will look beautiful to you.
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