Friday, September 08, 2006

Actually it is very simple to get what you want.

Wait before you say, ‘I have read it all, it did not work for me’.

I was just like you, read it, tried to follow it and duly rejected it. Can’t blame-right?

Years passed. Failures and frustrations only followed. At last, when I read about ‘how to get what you want’ in a book which explained it in a simple terms, I regretted all the valuable time I lost.

This book told me only one thing to do-‘Take the focus away from your present lack, be it health, wealth or relationship’.

Just by taking your focus away from your persistent thoughts on things which you don’t have, you create space for those things to move in, hitherto blocked by your thoughts.

As simple as that but believe me, it is very effective and I can show several examples that happened in my life in the past eight months.

There are so many Americans who are great fans of the interactive game show ‘american idol’.

If you happen to read the success stories of every season winner, you will find about their struggle and hard work in their early days. They would have firmly believed that they have in them the required talent to compete and win every other contest.

But success and fame was possible for them only after dedication and practice. Somewhere along their route, they would have unconsciously practiced what I said about focus.

How many times we all wished to meet the other fans of a TV show ‘american idol’ to know about their opinions on the program and its artists?

I happened to interact with hundreds of fans of Lindsey Cardinale and Constantine Maroulis of whom I am an ardent admirer.

When you are exposed to different views and criticism on past winners and present contestants, you learn so many new things.

For example, in this forum, there is a thread on Taylor Hicks which attracted 65k views. In my 8 years of internet experience, I have never come across such a wide participation.

Tomorrow I am going to write about the genius in you.
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