Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tell me honestly, can you deny this fact?

Take some time to think deeply. Ponder over your present living style, your treasured possessions, your social status, recent vacation you took.

I will give you 10 minutes to think and write it in a paper.

I will also utilize this gap to go over a web release by truck toolbox- who has announced new Auto, SUV, Van and Truck Accessories website.

Some salient features of their website:

*A quick and easy accessory shopping experience.
*Just select your vehicle year, make and model and in put it in the search box.
*Your search results will show only truck accessories and auto accessories that are compatible with your vehicle.
*Just place them in your shopping cart, click checkout and you're done.
* Free Shipping on all orders over $100 (for FedEx ground services within the Continental US - Excluding oversized items).

Product range:
You name and they have it. Yes!
In the accessories range, you can go through their big list of exterior accessories, interior accessories, contractor accessories, and towing and cargo.

BuyAutoTruckAccessories’ tool box kit consists of single and dual lid crossovers, gull wing crossovers, mid lid tool boxes, innersides, chests, topsides, underbeds and trailer tongue boxes, and even a quality plastic (polyethylene) Tool Box.

Hmm…Impressive indeed.
Let me pass it to a few fleet owner friends of my husband.

Ok!. I see you are ready with your writing. Let me go over it.
Impressive life style really with two sedans, rented but big apartment, fat bank balance. Oh! Recently holidayed in Hawaii! This is nice.

Now just answer this question very honestly.
What was your financial position 10 to 20 years ago?
Not this affluent?

But certainly you imagined all those that you wrote on the paper?
You longed for a visit to Hawaii to boast about, wanted always two cars in your garage-right?

Tell me honestly, can you deny this fact?

Do you realize how all this was possible? You attribute it to your hard work, time and luck?

No! No!. There is no such thing as ‘luck’ or ‘accident’ or ‘time.’

A very simple and basic Law of Universe was at work during all these 10 to 20 years.

Do you know what is it-this Law of Universe?

‘Ask and it is given’

Yes, you asked for it, you dreamed about your desires, it went out of your consciousness as energy, it merged with the Universal consciousness, and the Universe conspired for you to have it all-as simple as that. (smile)

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