Sunday, August 27, 2006

Do you want to become a healer.

There is a burning desire to know how to stay calm and peaceful among those who have just started their journey on the spiritual path.

This is practically explained in an experiment by Deepak Chopra.

He gathered several thousand people for the purpose of meditating in a group. Each person in the meditation group had their serotonin measured prior to the long meditation session.

Serotonin is a "-neurotansmitter in the brain. Its presence in higher
amounts indicates a level of calmness. The higher the serotonin level the more at peace you are.

After several hours of intense group meditation, the serotonin was measured again and there was a significant increase in serotonin levels in virtually all the participants and so they were found to be at peace and calm.

The second part of this experiment involved measuring the serotonin levels of people in the immediate vicinity of the large meditation group, who were not doing the group meditation.

Their serotonin levels were measured both before and immediately after the meditation. It was discovered that serotonin levels were significantly increased by simply being in the immediate neighborhood of a large group of people who were radiating tranquil energy.

Implications of this kind of scientific research are astounding to contemplate.
Just imagine when you become more peaceful and practice sending out this kind of serenity silently, you have an impact on everyone in your physical environment.

This also explains why we have that peaceful feeling whenever we are in the presence of highly enlightened persons, or when we enter certain places of worship.

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