Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Aim+ effort=Joy

Right from our school days, we have been bombarded by our teachers and peers to have an aim in our life.

Naturally, we have never taken it seriously (I am not an excluded) till we catch up ourselves with somewhat bleak future and dark roads. Because, we were never explained in a pragmatic way, why we should set up an aim.

But I am truly awakened at the ripe age of 50, when I started reading 'Questions and Answers by The Mother', a series of 4 volumes.

Here is what she says about aim and effort:

An aim gives a meaning, a purpose in life and this purpose implies an effort. And it is in effort that one finds joy. Effort makes the being vibrate at a certain degree of tension, which make it possible for you to feel the joy.

These vibrations enable you to get connected with Universal vibrations. It is effort which pulls you out of inertia. It is effort which makes you receptive to Universal forces.

For example, a man sits down to write a book (or a blog entry) he makes an effort which sets vibrating something in his brain to attract ideas. Suddenly, this man experiences joy. Whatever you do like sweeping a room or cooking, if you make the necessary effort to do it to the maximum of your ability, you will joy.

When you want to realize something, you make a spontaneous effort. This concentrates your energies on the thing to be realized and that gives a meaning to your life.
This gives you the power to receive energies in exchange for those you spend.
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