Sunday, May 21, 2006

Your home, furniture and you.

When was the last time you updated your house furniture?
Don’t remember?
OK, never mind. Do you at least remember how much did you spend for that?
Do you remember its style? Sure you do, because it still decorates your home.

I will tell you a little piece of evolution of furniture. No, this is not I studied in my college, but in a web release about banquet chairs.

There are so many different materials were used to make furniture,
Starting from woods of teak, oak, rose, bamboo. Great many styles and methods were applied.
The most usual methods being inlaying, carving and veneering.
Western furniture drew inspiration from Egyptian, Persian, Chinese, Greek and Gothic sources.

From ancient times, oriental furniture was carved on ebony and teak.
You can read a great deal about Egyptian furniture manufactured 6000 years ago, wherein they inlayed with gold and ivory and carved the entire piece in forms of animals.

Low couch were the fashion of Greeks.

Not lagging behind, the Romans adopted both Greek and Etruscan styles.

From the web release about banquet chairs, I learned that in modern times, new technology was born, like space saving folding chairs and beds.

For the first time metals were used in the manufacture of chairs, tables, recliners.

And now we witness a lot of moulded plastic chairs and ergonomic chairs.

The technological advances saw the advent of plywood in study tables, centre tables.

Now comfortable bean bags are made of leather and polymers.

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