Sunday, May 21, 2006

Gold Bullion's natural value.

I am now 47 years old. Looking back about my career which started in 1986, I am amazed at my achievement so far. Sorry, I can’t help it; my ego urges me to pat myself.

How much I would have earned in these 20 years? Roughly US$ US$ 90k. Not bad-right?

My husband asked me today, “So, what is your bank balance?”
May be 1k. was my reply.

“You have managed to save 1.25% of what you have earned so far and you have toiled for 20 years” he replied.

I retorted, “What to do? Look at the inflation and economy. Prices have gone over the roof”.

He then showed me a small calculation which proved me wrong in my assumptions about price increase and all that.

He convinced me that, had I invested in gold or silver my savings would have been healthier. Actually the price of any commodity has not gone up; only the value of paper money has gone down.

He showed me a recent web release he read.

It agreed with what my husband told me.

The web release was about Buy Gold Bullion, a much respected precious metal dealer based in California, one of America’s oldest and biggest firms dealing with precious metals.

This precious metals dealer expert in this field has sold over billions of dollars worth of gold, silver, platinum and palladium since 1967.

The web release pointed to investment experts who have long since advised us of diversifying 10 to 20 % of our savings into bullion market such as gold, silver and platinum.

It reminded me about the gas price which was only 25 cents a gallon some years ago.
It is like buying 4 gallons of gas for a silver coin when US$ was backed by bullion.

And the beauty is even now you can buy the same quantity of gas for a silver coin.
This proves real gold or silver has retained their value but it is only the green paper is not worth the same.
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