Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I deepen my awareness of the consciousness of trust..

My last post was also about trust and its implications.

Today I received another news letter from daily affirmations with "trust' as the theme.

"I deepen my awareness of the consciousness of trust, from which my truthful actions spring."


Consciousness is the stuff from which manifestations and actions are created. As you become more aware of the energy of those things that you desire to create and experience, you find that manifesting your dreams is effortless and enjoyable. You can accelerate your process by becoming more familiar with energetics.

If, for example, you desire to speak the truth, you must be able to recognize the energy of truth wherever it exists, regardless of the packaging. You can become quite distracted by packaging (e.g., superficially beautiful people with shallow personalities), and convinced of falsehoods (e.g., viewpoints presented and re-presented as facts in the media), and overcome by your own distresses (e.g., demands that overly stretch you).

You might trust such things because you see or hear or touch them, usually repeatedly. Let today's affirmation challenge you to go deeper than the surface.


What is the ONE most important thing you desire to accomplish today? (Yes, I know there are MANY things you desire to accomplish today and, furthermore, that you will accomplish far more than one thing. But, humor me, pick ONE.) Got it?

Now ask yourself some questions about this thing:
What is your intention?
What purpose does this thing have in your life?
How much do you trust yourself to accomplish the highest good for all through this thing?
What is your truth with respect to this thing?
Take a deep breath to deepen your awareness of the consciousness of trust. Repeat these four questions.
Trust the process.

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