Thursday, May 11, 2006

Do you trust yourself?

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I find them extremely thought provoking and motivationg. Ofcourse it is only for those who have a burning desire for self realisation.

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Todays affirmation:
" I receive trust from the Universe. My trust in the invisible increases."


Some folks say they only trust what they can see and/or touch. Even some folks who have deep trust in the invisible want to have certain things proven to them in the visible world. You might consider your own areas of trust in both the invisible and the visible.

The process of creation is the act of moving energy from the invisible (Spirit) into the visible (matter). This is relatively easy to understand when you think of certain everyday acts of creation. I expect that sitting at a blank computer screen receptive to putting ideas into words is a familiar experience to you. As the letters click under your fingers, words appear on the screen because you have moved the invisible to the visible. All things manifested in this world are the result of changing the density of energy from Spirit into matter.


Consider those things in your life you trust that are visible, and those you trust that are invisible. Do you trust the recklessly driven car in front of you? -- that is visible. Do you trust the love you share with close friends -- that is invisible. Do you trust your own intuitions and inspirations? Do you trust yourself? Today, consider three events and/or persons in which you believe the quality of trust is particularly desired or needed.

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