Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I act with trust in my heart.


"I act with trust in my heart. I speak with trust on my lips.
I walk with trust in my feet. "

"Trusting in your head is only a starting place. All manifestations on the earth plane start with an idea, a thought. This idea, however, must move out of the head in order to be manifested. Many people have beautiful ideas in their heads -- pictures and dreams of peace and harmony, with
no clue how to manifest the ideas into physical reality.

Creation happens through movement of thoughts. Living in your head or in isolation does not test your trust; movement tests your trust. Thoughts propel your movement: feelings
tell you the extent to which your intention and your movement are in alignment.

Identify an act you might take today that is a demonstration of your trust. It need not be a profound act (although profound is fine!). Perhaps your act of trust is speaking up in a situation in which you have considered yourself to be powerless.

Perhaps your act of trust is making a decision that has been hovering over you for a long time.
Perhaps your act of trust is exploring a deep issue you have been hesitant to look at. Perhaps your act of trust is taking a step in a different direction. In order to experience trust, you must put it out to the universe. You must give it away. "

What an excellent piece of work. It is amzing that one single person has such a fantastic knowledge about ways of living.

Do you know whom I am talking about?
It is none other than Jeanie Marshall.

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