Thursday, May 25, 2006

The conflict between Faith and No Faith.

Let us say, you have cold now. At the slightest symptoms, you rush for medicines, imagine the worst possible of diseases, full of fear because of too much unwanted knowledge.

But when you were much younger, in childhood, you did not care much on a small wound or accident. You were sure, it is nothing, it will pass off.

So, what happened in between in our lives? What we have gained to lose faith?
Because we all live in surroundings where there are full of morbid ideas, people pass their time recounting disastrous and catastrophic things.

It has a profound negative impact on us. We tend to get influenced by these unwanted clutters.
And we don’t stop at this point, we also pass it on to our children.
Even on a casual fall, we warn them about microbes and so on. We advise them to take bed rest or disaster will occur.

Our child’s reaction will be ” What is going to happen to me? I may get tetanus or septic fever etc”. Three fourth of our resistance disappears.

Pl be aware that our body knows it must remain healthy, it knows the power to heal. Just say with absolute unshakable faith, ” It is nothing, it will go away”. Don’t think about it, it is over and it does go.

We should not allow a conflict inside, between faith and no faith.

(Deep courtesy to ’The Mother’.)

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