Sunday, June 19, 2016

5 Steps to Eliminate Negative Thinking.

Are you like me, repeatedly thinking one negative thought or the other? For example, we may have been expecting a result or a visit from someone that could bring in fresh and new changes in our life, but we start contemplating on a negative result or an unfavorable decision. This recurring negative thought is so focused that we start living virtually in that negative situation.

If that is the case, how can we grumble that nothing positive is happening in our life?
This constant habit of focusing our entire energy on just one negative thought shuts off all the positive cosmic forces to enter in our life.

Is there any way to unlearn the habit of negative thinking?
Sure! Here they are and they work for me. There is nothing special involved here such as hi-tech sound therapy, NLP or EFT.

5 steps to eliminate negative thinking.
* Stop attaching too much importance to the outcome of a result or a decision.

* If the outcome turns out to be otherwise, firmly believe that your spirit guides have decided that your expected result is either not favorable to you at this time or you are just not yet spiritually or emotionally ready to face your expected outcome.

* Develop a strong belief system that nothing in this world is as serious as you view it.

* Life is a cycle and not a circle. A cycle will bring in seemingly good and bad, but we only attach the labels of good or bad to events and happenings.

* We have a choice - The choice to think. There is no external force involved. It is only we that choose to think what we want or don't want. So, why not think only of what you want? Who interferes in your decision to think negatively but you alone?

Sure, as normal human beings, we do allow some negativity to creep in our thoughts. But with sincere effort, we can eliminate this bad habit of thinking catastrophically.

As and when a thought surfaces, become aware of it and ask yourself whether this thought brings you peace or not. You shift your thought based on your feeling. You will slowly, but definitely stop thinking negatively.

This is the best method to curb your habit of thinking negatively.
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