Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The role of Serotonin in eliminating anxiety.

If you read somewhere that “anxiety is a living hell”, don’t conclude that it is an exaggerated phrase. The affected people will vouch for its absolute truth. It is very hard to live with anxiety that always leads to depression. It definitely hinders your daily live.

Anxiety should not be termed as a worry or concern. It is a form of expectation, rather nervous.

Finding a treatment for depression and anxiety. Before finding a treatment for depression and anxiety on your own, first consult with your physician who would put you on to some stress relievers failing which, he might refer you to a therapist who would certainly eliminate your anxiety.

Various types of treatments for Depression and Anxiety I was once of opinion that pills won’t cure anxiety and tension. Now I realize I am wrong. A few medications were proven to be successful in treating depression and anxiety. Anti-depressants are helpful in to some extent. They might first eliminate your anxiety and slowly you would come out of its sister ‘depression’.

The role of Serotonin
I don’t blame you if you say you have never heard of ‘Serotonin. This implies that you are a cheerful and positive person. Yes, serotonin, the chemical in our body is high on you if you cheerful. If it goes down, anxiety grips you. Do I mean to say that by artificially boosting the level of serotonin, you could be relieved of your anxiety life long? No, I won’t say that because it is just not possible. Acute anxiety disorder can be treated with behavioral therapy only which helps the patient to reprogram their thinking pattern.

Can exercise help in treating anxiety?
Yes! It certainly helps. I happen to read in a local language magazine that exercising with a group of people quickly eliminates anxiety. I am not sure whether it is true. Even therapists would advice exercise for anxiety filled people because it is a known fact that it increases the levels of certain chemicals in your system.

We all certainly could be benefited if we walk a few kilometers daily. Exercise has been shown to solve certain issues involved with depression, and is a very good way to keep your mind in shape as well as the body. 

Though anxiety leads to depression, both are considered different by therapists but at early stages, both can be treated at the same time with the same medications and therapy.

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