Saturday, August 18, 2012

Remove mental conflict with your Subconscious Mind.

99% of us are ignorant. When I mean ignorant, I mean we are ignorant of our own mental abilities and not of anything external or third parties. In addition to our ignorance, we strongly deny that and also claim that we are highly educated and know what who we are.

Pathetic assumptions!

We are capable of achieving seeming impossible things if only we unleash the power of our Subconscious Mind. Nevertheless, we should first identify our mental conflicts and erase them from our mind.

This is easier said than done because we firmly believe that we have no mental conflicts. If that is true, we should always be happy and cheerful but obviously we are not. 


We have only one mind, but it has 2 distinct functions  or two different personalities namely
1,  The Conscious Mind
The rational thinker that is responsible for decision-making,  analyzing situations and people, making judgments etc.
2,  The Subconscious Mind
It is the supreme recorder of your activities, beliefs, memories of events, people, places and even smell and taste. It is a store house beyond our comprehension because it carries the soul’s beliefs over all the births.

Your subconscious mind can make you do many things which your conscious mind believes it cannot with which you have come into an agreement.

This is what I call mental conflict.

Instruct your subcon to identify such conflicts and erase them fully from it. It would simply obey you without question.

How to do this?
Affirmations are the only way to get this done. Write out affirmations and read them several times a day with conviction.
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