Thursday, April 12, 2012

Can you apply Law of Attraction when Tsunami hits?

Well, either the real tsunami or a serious situation which is as bad as a tsunami-when it occurs unfortunately in your life, how effective if you apply the never failing law of attraction? Can it attract the exact desired results or would it somewhat dilute the harm?

My friends would intelligently argue with me about how the Law of Attraction would work when something as serious as the tsunami in Asia occurs. Well, it was about to hit the Madras coast yesterday but spared us after jolting with a series of earth tremors.

I believe in destiny. If God has other plans for me, then, I might escape a tsunami even if I were only a few waves away from the ocean.

Nevertheless, for people who pray when facing a disaster, the Law of Attraction would certainly work and it has worked for thousands of people who might not have shared their good fortune through the Internet.

I am sure you would have read in newspapers about how people survived or escaped tsunami such as missed flights, flat tires, another bad news stopped them from pursuing their plans and so on. In all their lives, the Law of Attraction worked for sure.

The Law of Attraction seeks your help most of the times. On your part, all you have to do is not to get trapped in an ocean of negative vibration that is generated wherever fear and panic spread. Don’t get glued to TV watching bad news after bad news. If you addicted to news watching, you would begin to vibrate that same frequency of fear, and panic.

At this situation also, the Law of Attraction would obediently deliver what you vibrate. Strive to keep your vibration positive.

I hear your next question loud and clear:
"Why so many who died in a natural catastrophe? They didn't pray for that!"

They are destined to die like that; as you are destined to escape!
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