Monday, January 02, 2012

Do souls meet and if so where.

Like you, I was also attracted by the title, "Where souls meet". As I have learnt quite a bit of knowledge on the subject through Hindu religious discourses, I expected to find information related to that.

I only read two sentences in that article. What a garbage! It was written by someone who definitely has no knowledge of :
* What happens immediately after death
* What happens after 15 days of death
* Where the soul goes after leaving the body
* Would it return the house it has lived till renouncing the body
* How will long it will remain as a soul
* Will it meet other souls
* When it will renter another body

These are all very interesting to read but may not be truly useful because as human beings we just don't know how to live following individual religious scripts.

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Ambit Energy said...

There are theories of souls would meet and that is called Heaven but this wasn't proved and still be a theory.