Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Your scrapbook can be a manifesting tool.

Manifesting the desires is everybody's ambition. While there is scientific proof that anyone can manifest what they want by a few methods that include visualization, focus thought and re-programming the subconscious mind, not all human beings are aware of this extraordinary, life changing Cosmic Ordering.

With the advent of computer and Internet, there have been a handful of tools to imprint on your subconscious mind a series of images of your desires such as a big luxury car, a palatial bungalow, a rewarding career etc.

For those who have no access to a computer, a simple scrapbook can become their manifestation tool.

How to go about building a scrapbook that would become your tool to get what you want?

Fill up your scrapbook with:
* Affirmations
* Pictures you liked in newspapers and glossy life magazines
* Images of abundance like vast lake, oceans, sprawling golf course etc
* Beautiful looking birds
* Stunning faces of models and celebrities
* Healthy babies

The idea behind this affordable exercise is very simple. You keep focusing on things that make you happy.

Let your scrap booking be a life long hobby. You need not give it up when you start seeing things that you wanted. After all we all keep changing our desires-don't we?
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