Friday, September 02, 2011

Can you see images when your eyes are closed?

Dreams exclude no human beings but I think children below 5 are exceptions. Their consciousness is yet to take ego identity at that age.

We grownups dream. In dreams, we see images, feel touch sensation, feel all kinds of emotions, we speak, we hear sounds-all these take place while our eyes are closed and body lying inert.

How? Have we ever asked ourselves this question? Where do we feel, see, hear while dreaming?

The answer is our mind. We feel, see, hear, speak in and through our mind.

This shocking revelation applies even we appear to be awake. We assume that our body organs help us see, hear, speak and feel. But it is not so. If you consider it your dreams unreal because you were not at a awakened state, then the reality you assume as true when you are not sleeping is also unreal!

This is just a proof that we live in a illusory world!

I learnt this from the book, "The Disappearance of Universe" by Gary Renard. This book affected my life in such a way that all my fears of money, future, health and any other kinds of fears have simply vanished.

This book is about straight talk about illusions, past lives, religion and more based on "A course in Miracles"-supposed to be dictated by Jesus Christ Himself. As written in the book, you will feel you are 500 years ahead of the rest of the world spiritually after reading the book is not an exaggeration.

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