Friday, August 19, 2011

Spiritual healing classes.

Spiritual healing classes are abundant in the Internet. That makes it difficult for us to choose. As we are novices in this field, it is not easy for us to identify the most effective spiritual healers.
In fact, we won't even know what exactly we want.

In such circumstances, how to select the best spiritual healers?
If I were you, I would first go to and search for articles that were written about the exact problems that we want to healed spiritually. Don't assume that there are no writers on spiritual development. You will be amazed to find the quantity of articles on various aspects of spiritual healing that include:
* Auto-suggestion also known as affirmations
* Meditation
* Increasing the subliminal mind power
* Using Alpha mind
* Visualization
* Re-programming your subconscious mind
* Distance healing through reiki

All these methods don't require you to
* take any medicines
* involve any painful poking
* undergo a session with a psychiatrist

Next step would be to visit the websites mentioned in the author's bio at the end of every article. Take notice of the website's popularity through various measures like the age of the website, Alex rank, Google Search Engine rankings etc.

Then, contact the webmaster and ask him what he would do to redress your problems. From there, it is up to your wisdom to proceed further.

PS; I am not conducting any spiritual classes but I have published a few articles in on different aspects of spiritual solutions.

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