Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is spiritual constipation?

Do you think you are not full or not sacred enough to develop spiritually. If so, it is called "Spiritual Constipation".

Don't laugh; it is coined by somebody and I think it is an apt description. As a matter of fact, everyone is spiritually constipated till they enter the realm of spirituality. By spirituality, I am not talking about individual's religious beliefs.

To lift the spiritual world's veil, you only need to permit yourself to experiment it with open mind. In addition, you should have a specific purpose like solving your problems spiritually. Yes, it is possible and it is pure science. In fact, our body and mind basically functions as per certain spiritual laws that I call the "Laws of Universe".

As a soul, we are all complete; fully developed. But the feeling that we are not complete points to our ignorance only.

We only simply have to let go of our ego and listen or read with open mind what the leaders say about spirituality or the evolution of ego. Connecting to our inner self is the real meaning of spiritual development. Once done, then, anything is possible for us like out of body adventures, remote viewing also called ESP.

Are you ready to get rid of your spiritual constipation?

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surjit singh said...

The title of the post is very apt and in fact new too.The post is quite thought provoking and inspiring.Thanks Malathy for sharing.
God bless.

Alvaro said...

Like this information, especially about this spritual constipation really i never knew before about it..