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How to predict your next moments?

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So, you have been wanting to a spend a delectable vacation in Hawaii. I presume you have a fair knowledge of all the Hawaiian islands, vacation rentals in Hawaii, the food, the culture, the natives of Hawaii, wines and fruits of tropical Hawaii, the cost of a 4 day vacation in Maui or Oahu that promises all visitors a vacation experience they won’t forget.

Now you start creating a mental picture of yourself with your family on the Hawaii beaches that are sunny as you would expect. All fine so far.

Suddenly, the negativeness in all of us that is also in you takes over you and you start asking yourself these questions:
* What if it rains all the four days in Hawaii?
* What if one of the kids gets sick at the sea?
* What if I misbehave with a native woman?
* What if the flight misplaces my luggage?

I think I have decently made the list short.(Smile)

When the first imagination is let out in the atmosphere, they become living forces and all living forces tend towards realization. They will put pressure upon the terrestrial events in order to be able to realize itself.

When they are about to appear in your physical life experience, your second set of negative and destructive imagination that are also let out in the cosmic field, moves in and overlaps the first one.

So, watch your thinking always and never give life to those thoughts that you don't want to happen in your life. And when you learn this difficult task, life becomes very interesting and you will not have any time to feel bored.

You can literally predict your next moments as they are the effect of your previous moments' thoughts.

Inspiration: The Mother of Aurobindo Ashram

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