Saturday, November 06, 2010

The most potent mantra of all times.

Worry and fear-the two most futile emotions unfortunately fill us up most of the time. If we care to think in retrospect with full self honesty, we will clearly realize how we have wasted our time and spoiled our mood while contemplating with worry and fear on what might happen.

Peers say that worrying is like carrying your suitcase on your head even when you are traveling in a plane or train. We must profoundly believe that our father-the creator takes care of his sons always and will never let them down.

The seemingly miseries are only to prepare ourselves mentally string so that we are in a position to help others in situations of similar conditions.

Bhagavad Gita is full of great advises on how we should live and how the Lord Krishna takes fullest responsibility of our well beings.

The most potent mantra of all times is: "Om namo narayanaya". Saying this won't bring the Sri Krishna to you as he is always with you and in you. But the mantra will make you to believe in it and in Him.

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