Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come on, tell me, what we should do?

The world, its people, the events that lead to clashes between nations and within nation-you and I want to change all these so that the world goes on with absolute peace but still we can't do anything to change.


When we witness extraordinary human feats in sports, technology, education and medicine, still why we can't change the fundamentals to see the world as we all wish?

What exactly do we lack? Or, to be precise, what exactly that we possess which is actually our lacuna?

What we should do to:
* see that there are no wars anywhere in the world
* hear no more of abuses on women
* read about total religious tolerance in the world
* make the Governments to allow freedom of education irrespective of the age and classes of societies
* bring about changes in the politicians' acceptance of people's criticism
* make ordinary citizens to aspire for political reforms

Come on, tell me, what we should do? We all know that we have to something but what?

எதாவது செய்யணும் இல்லையா ?
कुछ करना है-हाउ ना?
We have to do something.
Nous devons faire quelque chose.
Tenemos que hacer algo.
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