Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Definitive ways to manifest your desires.

What will be your answer if I ask you, “What do you think as the most powerful motivation factor?”

My answer would be, “Desire”. Think about it for a minute. What else can motivate us than a desire to be, to have whatever we want to be and to have?

How desire differs?

If we are all inter-connected, why the desire differs from every individual?

In other words, how do you form a desire?

It is our various beliefs that lead to the formation of desires. Beliefs about self, the world, money, service, God etc are all responsible for our desires. Don’t you think so?

Following your desires:

If you follow your desire and take action accordingly (it might require boldness), then, don’t you think you are destined to manifest your desires? A desire without action is only daydreaming.

Change your desire:

Sometimes, when we take inspired action based on the available information while following our desire, we may find it is not the correct path. At that time, we simply will have to change the course rather than change the desire though we tend to think that the desire itself is not correct.

Anticipation is wonderful:

Anticipation is an exited state of mind. It enables you to focus on the outcome and makes you dream about what you will do once the anticipated material, moment or person arrives. It places you in a positive state of mind, which can guarantee manifestation of your desires.

Negative emotions that affect the realization of your desires:

A desire when formed in your thoughts, immediately exists in another plane and in the form of vibration. You will realize it in physical form when you are spiritually ready. (Don’t ask how, it is the law of universe).

You will deform your already formed vibration if you think in terms of worry and envy. These two futile emotions are sure to dissipate the positive cloud you have let out into the cosmos.

This or something better:

The most important aspect while you send out your desires in the form of thought energy into the universe is you should be open to receive what is given to you. This might be better than what you desired.

An article by Mandy Evans propelled me to write this blog post.
Read her 12 tips to harness the power of desire.
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