Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unlock your intuition-free report.

Let me put it this way: "What or who causes your intuition?"

Yes, you know what is intuition and if asked to explain, you will say:
* Gut feeling
* A nudge
* A hunch

These words that you lead you to action accordingly have no logical meaning-eh? What if I say they are logical and can be explained scientifically?

You mull over the outcome of your recent actions or thoughts and you spend considerable time over it. You realized that you should have acted differently. This realization is slowly becoming strong.

An alternate plan is revealed to you on your inside that cam match your proposed new action and you take that step. This is an intuitive step that you have not read in any DIY book.

Therefore, you are the author of your own intuition. Only, the 'you' here is not your original self but a divine force.

Are there ways to increase your intuition? In other words, are there ways to bring in the divine forces more frequently and enter the intuition zone as and when you feel the necessity?

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