Monday, November 23, 2009

You need psychiatric help?

I read once in my email this phrase: "If you are not growing, you are dieing"

This is quite a shocking statement that most of the people won't agree because they refuse to be honest in accepting that they agree.

It is fear, bare fear mate that causes self dishonesty.

Well, getting back to the subject of dieing because of no growth-human beings, till their last breath would want to keep up their body health in top shape. But, how many of us will the same for our mental health?

We simply don't realise that mental health if not kept in good shape will affect our physical health very quickly and if that happens, it is almost impossible to recover the loss.

In order to have a sound mental health, one should not allow poisons to enter our mind. We poison our mind with watching horror movies, reading and listening to accidents, catastrophes and violence.

I will ask you a simple question.
Would you allow those negative characters that you watch in movies into your house?


But you are doing just that through TV in the pretext of entertainment.

Tell me, are you being entertained by violence and horror etc? If so, you better seek a psychiatric help.

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