Monday, November 16, 2009

What is meant by intuition? How to develop intuition?

Intuition is a rather confusing term. Hunch is easily understood. The easiest explanation is “Inner Voice”.

The guiding angel with us will never land us in problems. Before you guess or decide something or take action, the guiding angel speaks to us, tell us what we are supposed to do or think. This is usually called the inner voice and the scientists say it is intuition.

Whenever there is a strong feeling inside you about something that might look illogical, that's called intuition.

Are we all gifted with intuition? Is it true that people born under certain signs like Scorpio or Pisces are naturally more intuitive?

As far as I am concerned, anyone can develop intuition. It is our perfect gift from our creator.

But we all need a little bit fine tuning to develop this intuition. Why the need to develop intuition?

It can help you lead the life of utter bliss. It can give you a life with no worries whatsoever because, we can lead the life as guided by our inner voice which in turn is the voice of our guardian angel.

Develop your intuition with the help of scientific application.

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