Friday, October 02, 2009

World's most effective spiritual connection.

Can you please answer these questions?
* Name 10 wealthiest people in the world
* Name 3 most beautiful faces in the world
* Name 5 most talented sportsmen in the world

Tough recalling their names-right? You might remember newspaper headlines that can help you to make your list of the persons but such headlines might not get etched in your memory for long.

Now, answer these questions:
* List 3 teachers that made strong impression on you and helped you achieve academic excellence
* Name 10 of your best friends who stood by you in difficult times
* Name 5 people who helped you realize your potential

Ah, there you are! You took less than 5 minutes to write their names down-right?

How did you manage to remember them? You appreciated them when they played their part in your life and you retain sincere gratitude to them. They might not have been big names or celebrities but they cared for you.

Now, don't you think it is your turn to be of some use to someone you care? Your role should be such that they should feel being appreciated.

The metal state of appreciation and gratitude is the most profound emotion and that is also the closest connection to the creator.

When you appreciate someone or something, you are in very positive state, cutting off all the negativity like complaints, focusing on lack of money and contemplating unexpected outcome of a meeting etc.

And here is the most important outcome of your appreciation. When you frankly and shamelessly appreciate even a small gesture of kindness to you, a natural scenery, a wonderful on screen performance, a delicious meal, it is like saying to the Universe, "More of that please".

And Universe will give you just that-events, places, people, material that you have openly appreciated so that you will continue to appreciate.

Got it all?

This post is inspired by Alfred Diaz
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