Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shutting off the negative voice.

If you take time to read some of the articles published in Ezine Articles on "Positive Attitude", you will understand why Ezine Articles is such a great website that publishes only top quality articles.

I am really proud to say that 7 of my articles are published in Ezine Articles. I wrote on affirmations, positive attitude and spirituality subjects.

Read this very interesting articles on shutting off the negative voice, my favorite subject.

Have you ever realized that we write off our own doom by our negative voice which is so unnatural to our real self? It is very important to shut out tightly the persistent negative contemplation on almost everything.

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surjit said...

You are doing a wonderful noble service to the humanity.Having positive attitude is the need of the hour....
Congratulations on your articles being published on Ezine.Great achievement I must say.
god bless.