Monday, October 26, 2009

How to know your life purpose?

Not all search for the meaning or purpose of life-right?

But you know some do and even you might have wondered sometimes about why you were born; what is in it for you?

People with such quests go all out and search for books and people that can provide answers to the purpose of life.

I firmly believe that none can give you the answers or direct you to the source of your creator which alone can reveal it to you.

And when it is done, you will realize the shocking simplicity of it and you will know that is no secret at all and it has been there all your life thus far.

So, how at all to approach your Creator?

NO! You can't go to him. He will come to you.


Whenever you are ready!

How do I know when I will be ready? Any symptoms, indications etc?

That too will be revealed to you; rather you will just know.

GOD will seek you when HE knows that you are ready.

Now, what I should do?
Just set your intention to find out the purpose of your life and JUST BE.

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1 comment:

surjit said...

Great words of wisdom.'JUST BE....'
and flow with the cycles of life.Any resistence will lead us nowhere..
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.